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Two best paper awards for Faist group at SPIE Photonics West

Two members of the Faist group won Best paper awards at Photonics West 2017. Congratulations to Janine Keller (best paper in "Ultrafast Phenomena and Nanophotonics XXI" ) and Cristina Benea Chelmus (best paper in "Terahertz, RF, Millimeter, and Submillimeter-Wave Technology and Applications X")!

ERC consolidator grant for Giacomo Scalari

Giacomo Scalari will use his ERC Consolidator Grant to create on-chip, self-referenced frequency combs operating in the THz spectral range, where there is currently no compact comb source available. These devices will be appealing for metrology and material inspection, non-invasive imaging for medical applications, and wireless communication. Giacomo is one of three recipients of an ERC consolidator grant at ETH.

Recent work on THz QCL combs highlighted in Nature Photonics

The recent Faist group publication Appl. Phys Lett. 108, 171104 (2016) got highlighted by Nature Photonics: "Now, Markus Rösch and colleagues from ETH Zurich have developed an on-chip THz dual-comb set-up that does not require a fast detector. Two THz QCLs were processed next to each other by dry-etching techniques on the same chip and connected individually to two current sources."


Electronics Weekly highlights our collaborative work on graphene THz modulators

"The fastest electro-optic THz switch yet has emerged from free electron laser research at the University of Exeter. Graphene, meta-material and plasmonics-based; the exotic device can modulate a THz beam to 60% depth at 40MHz."


Nature Photonics Highlights the work on electrical frequency tuning by Dana Turcinkova

Noriaka Horiuchi highlighted in Nature Photonics the work of Dana Turcinkova on the electrical tuning of single mode terahertz quantum cascade lasers published in Applied Physics Letters

Nature Photonics published the Octave-spanning semiconductor laser results from Markus Roesch

In this work, Markus Roesch used a terahertz quantum cascade laser heterogeneous stack to produce a spectrum over an octave of spanning enabling the possibilities of numerous applications and self referencing. The full text
Markus Roesch et al., Nature photonics, on-line, doi:10.1038/nphoton.2014.279

Nature Communications published the experimental realization of dual-comb spectroscopy using quantum cascade laser frequency combs by Gustavo Villares.

We use quantum-cascade-laser frequency combs to demonstrate a high resolution, broadband dual-comb spectrometer.
This article demonstrates the potential of this novel technology. It concludes with the vision of a monolithically integrated mid-infrared dual-comb spectrometer featuring ultra-high sensitivity and selectivity. IRsweep will deliver this technology in an industry ready system.

Dual-comb spectroscopy based on quantum-cascade-laser frequency combs
Gustavo Villares et al., Nature communications 5 Article number: 5192 (2014).

IR-Sweep was created by Andreas Hugi and Markus Geiser

The recent advances in QCL-based frequency combs (A. Hugi et al.) and their application in dual comb spectroscopy (Villares et al.) stimulated the founding of ETH spin-off company IRsweep, where the technology is further pushed towards sensing applications. The co-founders Andreas Hugi and Markus Geiser are also supported by the ETH Pioneer-fellowship program.

Jérôme Faist's textbook was reviewed

The textbook on quantum cascade lasers by Jérôme Faist was reviewed in Physics today. "The invention of QCLs is comprehensively discussed for the first time in Quantum Cascade Lasers..." from Igor Vurgaftman. The full review here

Pierre Jouy et al. are on the cover of "Analyst"

April 2014. Pierre Jouy et al. were offered to make the cover of the 7th May edition of "Analyst" for their contribution to the use of Mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers for liquid and gas spectroscopy. They platform enabled the detection of CO2 isotopes ratio down to 0.02% and a solution of cocaine down to 10ug/mL filtered using a microfluidic system. This work is a collaboration with EMPA, EPFL, Haute Ecole ARC Ingénierie, UNINE and Hochschule für technik FHNW for the IRSens project (Nano-Tera and SNF).

Markus Roesch was awarded for the Best Oral Presentation of the MICS-2013

Jan 2014. Markus Roesch was awarded 1ST Place Best Oral Presentation winner for MTh4B.5, "Ultra-broadband THz quantum cascade laser operating with regular comb teeth in continuous wave operation", at Mid-Infrared Coherent Sources (MICS) 2013.

Andreas Hugi receives ETH Medal for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis.

November 2013. Andreas Hugi receives the ETH Medal for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis entitled: Single-mode and Comb Operation of Broadband Quantum Cascade Lasers.

Jérôme Faist receives an ERC Advanced Grant

23.10.2013. The European Research Council had to choose the best from no less than 2,400 projects. Happily, the winning researchers, who receive an ERC Advanced Grant, include five from ETH Zurich and Jérôme Faist is among them. In his project, he wants to develop new quantum structures using micro and nano-production technology. It involves a kind of chimera of quantum mechanics: a structure that moves like photons, but interacts like electrons. Faist wants to investigate how abrupt changes in boundary conditions can make ‘virtual photons’ into ‘real photons’, which display behaviour that has not been possible to explain so far. The project aims to enable quantum-optical experiments in the terahertz spectral range and to predict and investigate advanced states of graphene.

20 Years of QCL anniversary workshop in Zurich 16.1.2014-17.1.2014

07.08.2013. The QCL will turn 20 years in 2014. This will be celebrated with an anniversary workshop in Zurich on 16.1.2014-17.1.2014. Distinguished invited speakers will present achievements and future perspectives for devices and their applications. See for more information.

Textbook on Quantum Cascade Lasers by Jerome Faist published

07.03.2013. A textbook on "Quantum Cascade Lasers" by Jérôme Faist is published by Oxford University Press and already available for preorder for example at Amazon. The ISBN-13 is: 978-0198528241. It covers a wide range from fundamentals to applications and mid-infrared QCLs as well as THz QCLs.

Nature publishes Faist group article on Mid-Infrared Frequency combs using QCLs

13.12.2012. The recent realisation of an elecrically pumped mid-infrared frequency comb using a quantum cascade laser in the Faist group is published in Nature today. The full article is available here. This work is very relevant for spectroscopy as many small characteistic vibrational-rotational resonances of small molecules are found in this frequency range.

Swiss Quantum Science Competence Center

12.12.2012. We are part of Swiss national Competence center for Quantum Science "QSIT". Find out more about this exciting field of research at the Center's website and in this video:

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