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Quantum cascade lasers.
Jérôme Faist
Quantum Cascade Laser, (2013) Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Strain compensated Si/SiGe quantum cascade emitters grown on SiGe pseudosubstrates.
L. Diehl, S. Mentese, H. Sigg, E. Müller, D. Grützmacher, U. Gennser, I. Sagnes, T. Fromherz, J. Stangl, T. Roch, G. Bauer, Y. Campidelli, O. Kermarrec, D. Bensahel, and Jérôme Faist
In Towards the First Silicon Laser, edited by Lorenzo Pavesi, Sergey Gaponenko and Luca Dal Negro, 325-330. (2003) Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands.
High performance quantum cascade lasers and their applications.
Daniel Hofstetter, and Jérôme Faist
In Solid-State Mid-Infrared Laser Sources, edited by I.T. Sorokina and K.L. Vodopyanov, 61-98. (2003) Berlin: Springer.
Modulation of the Optical Absorption by Electric-Field-Induced Quantum Interference in Coupled Quantum Wells.
Jérôme Faist, Federico Capasso, Albert L. Hutchinson, Loren Pfeiffer, Ken W. West, Deborah L. Sivco, and Alfred Y. Cho
In Quantum well intersubband transition physics and devices, edited by H.C. Liu, B.F. Levine and J.Y. Andersson, 313-319. (1994) Springer Netherlands: Dordrecht.
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