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Nano-Tera: IrSens

IrSens supports research on QCLs for Spectroscopy.
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ERC Advanced Grant MUSiC 

Quantum Metamaterials in the Ultra Strong Coupling regime are researched under this grant.

Swiss National Fonds

Research on Frequency Comb QCLs is supported by the Swiss National Fonds.


The Faist group ist part of the NCCR QSIT.
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German SFB 956

SFB 956 supports development THz QCLs for astronomic applications.
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Frequency Comb QCLs are developed in the SCOUT program funded by DARPA.
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ZOTERAC is a project funded by the European Commission's HORIZON 2020 programme which proposes a disruptive approach based on ZnO-based nano-engineered semiconductors in order to realize compact THz emitters and detectors. These devices are based on the quantum cascade concept and take benefit of the large optical phonon energy of ZnO (twice that of GaAs) for achieving high temperature operation.

ERC Consolidator Grant CHIC

Giacomo Scalari was awarded this grant to research on-CHip thz frequency Combs.

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